RIP: Anna Nicole Smith

9 02 2007

Empress Maruja wishes to extend his condolences to Anna Nicole Smith.

It’s a pity that she was besieged with problems but no one tried to help her.




4 responses

10 02 2007

I saw the news last night. That is quite sad.

11 02 2007

this was such a shocker, huh? she led such a tragic life and you always hoped things would turn up better for her one day. i wonder what’ll happen to the baby she left behind…

11 02 2007

@ chase – Yes, it is quite a sad news.

@ ribbiticus – I was also shocked at the news. Anna’s baby might have to battle her inheritance for the rest of her life.

12 02 2007

she didn’t use to be revered in any way, now that she’s dead people (mostly critics) are saying nice things about how she made a name for herself, putting a positive spin on the kind of life she lived. oh well, ganon talaga.

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