I Almost Got Hacked. OMGWTFH4COLWITS2M?

22 01 2007

I was playing Audition Dance over the weekend as a way to relieve my stress collected during my work week, as well as a way to get away from an impending unprotected sex with my fubu (I wasn’t in the mood to play with him all of a sudden).

In the middle of one of my dance matches, I was suddenly disconnected from my game. I thought it was the usual lag problems plaguing much of Asia online that was to blame. But after a minute of impatient waiting for the PC to transit from the gamescreen to the desktop (and this is supposed to be a “new” PC), I got a really disturbing alert.

Someone was trying to read in my computer’s ports. In other words, some lazy kid suddenly had a stupid idea of attempting to hack my computer. Good thing that my anti-hacking program came to my rescue and banned the IP address…for a mere 600 seconds.

So what would the hacker see in my home computer anyway? Well, he could download all the R n’ B songs my brother collects, or the pictures of my sister and her new boyfriend that she puts in her Friendster account, or the tons of free gay porn I have downloaded. I think he’s interested in the porn part.




7 responses

23 01 2007

hahahaha! nice one. pero mabuti po at hindi niya nadale ang computer mo!

24 01 2007

@ snake – oo nga eh. natakot din ako nun in ferrview.

25 01 2007

nakakaloka ka..!!
unprotected ang drama mo ah..
naku tiya..

26 01 2007

@ goddess – Buti nga may anti-hacking chuvaness ang PC ketch. Kaya lang taka ketch, ba’t naman ako balak i-hack ever?

9 06 2007

Bunnyman! Bunnyman! Bunnyman! Bunnyman! Ooh lala!

10 06 2007

@ Q – Ay! Buti may nakahuli!

11 06 2007
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