Boyfriend? What boyfriend?

20 01 2007

I always asked by so many people if I have a boyfriend, and I always reply “No, not yet though.”

Loyal readers of my old blog (which counts for…how many…5?) have an idea that I “almost” had one, but was innocent (and stupid) enough not to realize that he had been in love with me since freshman year in college. Oh the gay gods! I still look up to the sky with regret everytime I think about it.

And now it seems I am living the life of romantic solitude. It’s been 10 years since I first met him, and the ordeal that I had to undergo just to get over him has its hits and misses (well, mostly misses).

First, I went inside gay chatrooms. I tried looking for guys who would be interested in an effeminate gay guy who doesn’t cross-dress, has a ballooning waistline, a wounded heart, and a bleeding nose. But the usual introductions of these so-called “bisexuals” end with statements like: “No gays, effems, chubs, and losers please.” Geez, thanks dude.

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