Weekend Update: What Happened to the Pesky Textmate?

19 01 2007

As you know, I had a really irritating textmate over the weekend. And on the following days, James/ Shane kept on sending me greetings even though I ignore them at all.

So two days ago, after receiving a message from it for the umpteenth time, I finally got enough interest and enthusiasm to reply to her: “Pls stop txting me.”

After several minutes, it replied: “Okiez.”

So the moral lesson here? Stop acting desperate and pathetic by texting on someone who doesn’t reply you back? Or is it my fault that I should have expressed my dislike early on?

Well anyway, let’s text it together…

“Gudby nd gud ridans!”




One response

11 02 2007

di cla bgay ni katrina halili

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