Confessions of a Fading Teen Star

16 01 2007

A prominent teen star has posted an entry in his personal blog, weighing the possibilities of quitting showbiz.

Reading the entry made me feel so sad about how some people in theindustry tend to neglect the talented artists just because they forget to provide TV or movie projects for them. As my dad would say, showbusiness is a really cruel world. Competition among actors for a small amount of opportunities are stiff and the winner would have one shot to prove his or her supremacy among fans (and the producers as well).

Here’s his entry, editted some lines to hide his identity as much as possible:

Just killing time here. Waiting for 6 p.m. to come. Until that time, I have nothing to do but be alone in my room. So I guess it’s quite productive to spend time here. Or at least I think.

The silence of the room makes me think of what’s happening and what I really want in my life. No matter how hard I try for it to be simple, it just wouldn’t be the way it was. Now that i had a taste of the good life – a little fame, a little money and all the perks of being an celebrity – it just became more difficult. When I went back to my hometown for the holidays, I talked with my father and my sister. They asked me of what’s my plan or what’s my next move career-wise. It’s really difficult to answer that. I don’t know why, but I answered nothing. Now that I’m caught up in between things. I have my plans but I’m afraid to share it with them, afraid that those plans might not be the ones they want for me.

Then I thought, I’m just 18 but why do have such burdensome problems? Hahaha.. I mean, I have my plans but dealing with the troubles are just becoming unbearable. It’s not that grandiose as compared to my previous achievements (if ever there are, if my family looks at it that way) but I have to start somewhere. And I think it’s pretty good for my future.

I welcomed the New Year with a project that was launched on January 1 to be exact. I hope it’s a good sign. New Year would mean New Opportunities, but this could be my last year in showbiz. I’m just waiting for blessings to come, but I feel tired of pushing myself so hard when nobody wants to even notice your efforts. I’m getting tired of this. Until those opportunities come, I’ll just wait for my contract to expire and then move on. I’m going back to my hometown and continue my studies. I’ve become left behind on that one. My classmates are graduating next year and I don’t want them looking down on me like I’m rubbish.

Just the other night, my other sister called me from overseas wanting to know what I’ve been doing. She wants me to come home. Sigh…She says it’s better to work abroad. There are more opportunities. People are treated accordingly on their skills, on what they can do, not according on the fancy titles you decorate your name with. By the time I graduate, I’d probably work there. However, leaving the country is not that easy. She can’t file a petition for me to work there.

Then a funny idea came to mind. I told her to find me a wife there just to get the green card. Then, we’d get divorced after a year.. Hahaha.. Funny! But that trick might work..

I have no regrets on what decisions I’ve done in the past. For me, there is no such thing as a bad decision, it’s how you manage yourself after making a decision. I definitelty learned a lot from this experience. As I’ve said before, “Victory is not always about winning. It’s about rising everytime you fall.”

Life is a continuous cycle. We should always KEEP ON MOVING…




2 responses

19 01 2007

tita cristy, itago natin siya sa pangalang ano?

20 01 2007

@ goddess – itago natin siya sa pangalang “Alex Collins” o di va susyal?

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