Power Workout

10 01 2007

As much as it scares me, I sometimes would like to be thin again. The last time I was thin was when I was seven. I had an old photo of a reed-thin version of me (probably I was terribly sick with diarrhea that time) holding a toy phone. I showed that photo to my elementary school teacher as part of a “growing up” project and she thought I was fooling her.

Since my childhood, I always thought to be thin, thinking that those extra inches are mere baby fats. It’s true! Whenever I would buy new school uniforms, I tend to ask for “medium-size” because I thought it fitted me perfectly. Well, almost fitting to the body actually.

But then my metabolism began to slow down drastically when I was in college, add to that assorted episodes or stress and depression. I didn’t increase my food intake, but I guess I wasn’t becoming physically active as I used to be. I no longer play street games with the neighborhood kids, I no longer join dance numbers or cheering competitions. Although I can see my thighs rumble more with thunder or I was having difficulty buttoning my tight jeans, I still insisted in my head that nothing is wrong.

Until one day I saw myself in a mirror. I can no longer see my defined cheekbones. My face has become rounder. A second chin is peeking out of my neck. It was a disaster I’m telling you.

So I tried going to the gym that my godfather partly owns, and I hated the fact that I have to wait for five minutes every after routine because the trainer was busy chatting with his gym buddies or flirting with the ladies doing their squats. Besides, doing a monotonous lifting and pulling of weights is just not right for me. In the end, I gave up on that gym crap and continued growing larger until one of my loosest pants became noticeably tight. I grew on another size.

Yesterday, I decided to be a little more active. I tried looking for dance lessons nearby and I have yet to see one that is accessible for me and my nightly work. So in the meantime, I came up with my own power workout. No, I didn’t do aerobics while learning how to speak English.

A while ago, I played this clip of DJ Tiesto on my PC at home and dance the heck out of me.

I did everything on that 8-minute span: I stretched my arms and legs like a ballerina at the beginning, moved my hips like some ho in da nigga club, imitated those simplistic Para-Para moves, jumped up jumped up and got down with it! I moved my arms, moved my legs, my dogs are staring at me and thought I was having a seizure.

I felt a whole lot better by the time the music ended. Tired and breathing heavily, but I was OK. I’d probably do this everyday.




3 responses

11 01 2007

hahahha. I saw this video once dear and it was the stupidest video ive ever seen. It was like this other “English for Japanese” video which has lots of sexual innuendos

11 01 2007
Lyka Bergen

I love DJ Tiesto!!!

So anong dance moves ang sinayaw mo? Carinosa or itik-itik? Ching!

Senokot three times a day for you!!!!!

12 01 2007
empress maruja

@ Chase – I read somewhere that the video was supposed to be a comedy skit combining two programs (Teaching English and Exercise) on a government TV station.

@ Lyka – In fairness, mukha akong tanga sa aking workout. Hindi ko mawari kung aneki ginawa ketch. Galaw-galaw lang ever para wit ma-stroke.

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