Is Happy Slip the New Lonelygirl15?

4 01 2007

(Warning: Video Overload)

With over 1.3 million views on this clip alone, Happy Slip is increasingly becoming one of the most popular video bloggers on the Net. A Filipina based in the US, Christine creates video clips with witty humor and that ever-familiar Filipino accent armed with a Sony cam, iMovie, and a lamp she bought on the street.

However, some viewers are accusing Happy Slip as merely a reincarnation of lonelygirl15. A girl named Bree is supposedly posting video blogs about her life and her boy toy Daniel Beast. It is also wonderfully acted, produced, and editted (not to mention equally wonderful amount of views). However, it was recently found out that Bree is actually an actress.

(Excuse me for being Neolithic here in the Emerad Isles, but I viewed Happy Slip’s clips before I got even aware that there is such a thing as lonelygirl15 after reading through the comments on one of her clips.)

Well, judging from Christine’s videos, it does looked polished. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is some form of non-traditional advertising as some critics might claim. As she said, she has a knack for editing wedding videos. Besides, maybe her videos are indeed better crafted by other video bloggers simply because hers are better than theirs.

So excuse me while I view more of the Happy Slip clips. They make me laugh and proud to be a Filipino. And just a friendly reminder: Don’t forget to wear your Happy Slip!




6 responses

4 01 2007

ej, i enjoyed watching these 😉

Frohes Neues Jahr from ….. dgreat and d Queerchef 😉

4 01 2007
Lyka Bergen

Hmmmm… this is the first time I heard about and seen her. Thanks for sharing!!!! How about you making your own clips? That would be more interesting.

4 01 2007

@ Lyka – I was actually thinking about creating some video blogs, but definitely not like Happy Slip. I’m an awful awful actor. haha!

5 01 2007

Happy New Year girl!!! I got hooked on Christine’s videoblogs as well. She is quite talented!!!

6 01 2007
April Zara

Hahaha, I recently watched her videos, courtesy of my tito, who happens to be more YouTube updated than me! Well, I have to agree with you, her videos are funny and cool to watch. Tapos may Pinoy touch pa! What more can you ask for? =)

3 05 2007
Baklang AJ

Happy Random Thursday

uy big fan ako ni happy slip! as in dati inaabangan ko yung my subscriptions chenelar ko sa YouTube for updates from her. hihihi

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