To Tagalog or not to Tagalog

2 01 2007

One of the issues that got me thinking about putting up a new blog is if I would write in Filipino sward speak. If you’ve read my old blog, you’d notice that I’ve sprinkled some gay lingo in my previous posts, gives you a slight of an idea how I creatively speak the mother tongue (some purists would say that would be bastardization, but what the heck I am having fun speaking it).

Although writing my blog in colorful gay lingo would be fun (just look at Las Tres Estrellas), I am afraid that I would exclude the international readers who are among the first who read my old blog. That would be pretty insensitive of me.

And then a bright idea hit me: Since this is supposedly a random blog, why not put up gay lingo posts ramdomly? That means, if you find a post that has “Kabaklaan” (faggotry) as one of its tags, then it’s pretty much in the local gay language.

Naku, mag-aabang na ang mga tita’t lola diyan!

P.S. That guy in the video speaks better Tagalog than I would.




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