A New Year, a New Chapter, a New Blog

1 01 2007

Welcome! Kamusta! Happy New Year!

After months of solitude, I’ve finally rejuvenated into a new chapter of life. Today is the first day of 2007 and I would like to send my warmest regards to all of my readers who have still visited my old blog Random Lives of Empress Maruja and left kinds words despite my long absence.

But all that is passed and I am now ready to blog anew. Yes, a lot has happened during that dark period and I felt really sad that I couldn’t put them into writing. Anyway, here’s a brief description of what happened to me during the past weeks:

* Left…

* Began…

* Got over…

* Getting…

* Having…

I told they were brief.

So here I am blogging anew, in a new year, a chapter, and a new blog: empressmaruja.tk.


INTERMISSION NUMBER: Philippine Idol Mau Marcelo


As you can see, I’m now blogging using wordpress–which took me a whole lot of thinking doing so. It’s not because I am jumping the wordpress bandwagon, but rather I wanted to give my blog a refreshing start. Back to basic if you might say (aside from being frustrated numerous times using blogger). You would also notice that the blog is pretty messy. I’ve just moved in and it would probably take days for me to utilize wordpress’ optimum potential.

Anyway, I am spending the first day of 2007 typing this post alone in the house. My Imperial Family left to visit our aunt who is celebrating her birthday today, while I am tasked to be the designated security guard and dog-nanny. I know what you thinking, that being alone in the house can be tempting to bring a hot guy in. Yeah, it may be exciting to do, but after stories of gays being murdered by male prostitutes or male masseurs I think I’d rather pass. Besides, the death of my friend Larra is still fresh in my memory.

But that doesn’t mean my sex life is in need for some fresh manly rain.

I’ll be posting more about that and a lot of other random stuff about me, my family, my work, whatever, whenever, where ever, however, whoever. As long as it interests me and it would tickle you fancy, expect them here.

Since it’s the new year, why not we delve into the annual resolutions for the new year. If you ask me, my hopes for the new year is for me to find love, peace, and joy, as well as lose some pounds.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?




3 responses

1 01 2007

Happy New Year from Me and the Queerchef 🙂

My new year’s resolution is to avoid procrastination.

2 01 2007
Lyka Bergen

Welcum back Empress!

Lecheng Al yan! Naunahan ako as your first ever commenter sa new blog mo na tets!

Happy New Year! Happy new blog! Aabangan kita!

2 01 2007

pabago-bago nalang ng blog kaagad-agad..
sana ganyan din sa mga boys noh?!
missed yah..!!

happy new year tiya..!!

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