I Love/ Hate Jologs

20 10 2006

LIFE LIFE: I Love to be Jologs

Every once in a while, I make a fool out of myself. I mean, that’s not unusual.

One of my kitschiest things I am interested in recently is imitating the EB Babes Dance Number. The EB Babes are the latest members of Eat Bulaga, the Philippines’ longest-running variety show (27 years running). They replaced the erstwhile Sexbomb Girls after a series of unfortunate events mostly about infighting among its members.

Anyway, I just love to dance like the EB Babes (well, except the part when they are kneeling on the floor). Just take a look!

Hey! There’s nothing wrong with dancing like a girl, is there?


LIFE LIFE: I Hate the Jologs

Last night, I have concluded that the jologs (lower-class people) would laugh at anything that is unusual to them such as call center agents and the way they layer their clothing, or the sight of pretentious patrons of Starbucks, or the Nokia Nseries phone (which they most likely steal anyway).

I have thought of this because some jologs find my unusual talent funny, and to think I wasn’t wearing a chicken costume like those contestants in Pinoy Dream Academy.

I was so pressed for time as our children’s show head writer wanted me to e-mail some scripts for our upcoming shoot tomorrow. Since my jurassic PC was whacked eversince I downloaded Mozilla Firefox (lesson: Firefox and Windows 98 don’t mix), I was forced to type my script at a local Internet shop.

While in the middle of typing, minding my own business, a group of young male jologs rented a PC beside mine. They were probably looking for javascripts to “decorate” their Friendster profiles. I began noticing the guy beside me began to snigger. I thought because he forgot to sniff some glue.

And then he began motioning his hands on the keyboard and began imitating my fast typing skills. WTF?! I didn’t know typing really fast can be funny?

At first I let them be for a few minutes until he began motioning his other friends to look at the way I type at the keyboard. I lashed out.

“Ano’ng nakakatawa?” (What’s so funny?)

They shut up, ignoring me as if they didn’t listen what I said.

Grrrr! Those j-logs! I hate those uneducated bastards!



1) I have finally updated my blogroll at the Links section. I purged some of the blogs that I no longer read (and some that are inactive) and added some sites that I currently read. I encourage you to read them as well.




One response

22 10 2006

I can picture how those jologs sniggered while they tried to copy your typing motions. Kainis nga! grrrrr

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