Sports Life: My Imperial World Cup Analysis

9 07 2006

The World Cup Finals is just hours away, and your Empress is torn between two great football teams.

Who do I think will win the coveted trophy?


Or Italy?


Or Italy?

Aaarrgh! My head is aching…




8 responses

10 07 2006

i LOVE italians. but germany was my fave team 😦

11 07 2006

it was so obvious… i mean just look at the pictures! hahaha! =)

12 07 2006

awesome! love those pasta boys – so much so i also blogged about their hunkiness! hahaha! 😉

12 07 2006

Apparently, team Italy’s cam whoring paid off. 🙂

12 07 2006


13 07 2006

I’ve returned, my dear empress!

Err… just received the news.
Zidane was mocked by a French player with words offending his mother. Zidane smashed that player (apparently I don’t know the name for I’m not a FIFA fan at all) with his head.

I’m so proud of him! I would’ve kicked his groin if I were him!

15 07 2006

eversince I am a big fan of France. Unfortunately, Italy made it to the final. Zidane was red carded by head butting Materazzi. Too sad for me

16 07 2006

as always my team was germany, france, south korea and england. but nevertheless soccer boys r hotties. almost all of them heehee.

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