Go For Short!

6 07 2006

“I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know” — Sophie Ellis Bextor, “Murder On The Dance Floor”

This latest post is long overdue. And just because I’m currently technically jobless doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything in my life.

Last Tuesday, I attended a meeting that involved most staff members of the children’s show I work for (since most of us are freelancers), which was called by a producer/ director. He introduced to us a line-up of potential projects. Hopefully I would become part of those.

See? Obviously I have a life offline.

While this guy doesn’t seem to have any.


You know by now that I like my posts long, but after much thought, I have decided to do the unthinkable.

I would go for short.

Yup, shorter posts. Easier to the eyes. More random lives.

But I still like mine long.



I recently got in touch with my good friend Luis, who hails all the way from Venezuela, while he’s working and while I’m groggy and battling sleep (damn that 12-hour difference). What we chatted about? It’s about our favorite subject: men.

Luis: are there more hotties today?
Empress: of course there are 😉
Empress: never mind the girl…

Empress: what do you think?
Luis: he is gorgeous, nice chest
Empress: how about this one?

Empress: i honestly don’t like him, but what do you think?
Luis: nice ands, but too fem of a face
Empress: exactly
Empress: but a lot of girls here are gaga over that celebrity …eww
Luis: really?
Luis: is he gay?
Luis: i bet he is
Empress: well, he’s rumored to be gay…i think he is
Luis: i’d bet my balls he is
Luis: lol
Empress: haha!




2 responses

7 07 2006

Well, we miss you my dear empress. Hmmm nice boys!

8 07 2006

whhhat? sam is gay? darn…and I was willing to have a one night stand, har har!

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