29 05 2006

Just got home from an exhausting weekend. It would probably take one or two days for me to collect my thoughts so please be patient. No random hot guys and footnote-worshipping in the meantime.

So, what have I done in the past four days? I’ll let you guess.




11 responses

30 05 2006

blog hopped from yuri. nice blog, very interesting posts. keep on entertaining 😉

31 05 2006

ei tnx din 4 visiting my blog. i’ll link u ah =)

31 05 2006

wow! banaue! how’s the “grass” in sagada? lol miss u my dear empress.

31 05 2006

blog hopped from jairam..cool site..
i love this template,too./one of my choices at blogskin..see,its really cool!

31 05 2006
empress maruja

JAIRAM — Thanks. I didn’t know my log would be this entertaining 🙂

GHEE — Thanks also, but I’ll be changing template in a few weeks.

YURI — Grabe, miss ko rin kayo. Pero sorry, hindi po banawe ‘yun. Just changed the video for a better clue.

*ELLE* — Thanks. I’ll link you up later.

1 06 2006

you went to hongkong? or china? i have no idea! hehehe…
blog hopped from elle’s blog.. =)

1 06 2006

hong kong ba ito or shanghai?

1 06 2006
Chas Ravndal

so you’re in china my dear empress!!! anyways, i am also busy designing my queer chef blog in wordpress now but will get back to your blog soon! TC

2 06 2006

china! how cool! i guess you’re pooped coz you had loads of fun, eh? 🙂

3 06 2006

I speak to the gay gods that dennis trillo is definitely not gay. piolo is.

PS: dont need that recommendation…. have a nice day…

4 06 2006
empress maruja

YURI — Sa China ‘yan, pero hindi Shanghai.

DIN-DIN — sorry for this late reply, but welcome to my wonderful blog!

CHAS — don’t worry. i can wait 🙂

RIBBITICUS — Yup, had lots of fun there!

INVANKIRK12 — Awww! You missed one word 🙂

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