Brain Storm/ The Ghost/ StarStruck Final Judgment

14 03 2006

I have so many random lives to annotate in this blog. You better get a cup of coffee (or tea if you want) before reading this. I’m sure you’ll gonna like this, pwamis!



Last Saturday, I skipped one shooting day of Kids TV in order to attend my first brainstorm meeting as part of a story development group for an established film company.

I’ll spare you with the nitty gritty details (besides, it’s confidential). Instead, let me share you with what I’ve learned in this meeting so far:

1) SUMMON YOUR TALENTS AT WILL. There is no such thing as a “writer’s block.” If your producer (or the director) asks you of an idea, you have to answer right away.

2) HAVE A MUSE IN MIND. Think of an actor while writing the story for your project. Imagine him (or her) playing the lead role.

3) LEARN TO COMPROMISE, A LOT. Everybody in the film making process (from producers, directors, and the actors) will have a say about your work. If major adjustments are needed in the script, learn to yield a little.

4) SCRIPTWRITING IS NOT A SELFISH WORK. You can share concepts with other writers, but it is a gentleman’s agreement that you are not supposed to use other writer’s concepts for your own use.

5) ALWAYS FRY YOUR IDEAS. How would this concept be received by an minimum-wage worker who wants to be entertained when he enters the cinema? How would kids react to your work? Always bear in mind that you are making scripts for blockbuster movies, not art house films.

I have a project that I am supposed to submit tomorrow, and I’m halfway with my research.

I hope I’d nail this one. I’m so close to enter this industry.



Remember when I confided to you that I have a ghost in my bedroom? Well, it’s back.

I went asleep Tuesday past midnight. I was aware that if I lie on my back, it was as if I was inviting the ghost to get intimate with me. So instead, I slept on my side.

Minutes later, I felt my bed shaking violently from side to side. I swear it wasn’t an earthquake.

It was as if the ghost is pleading that I would lie on my back, but I fought back.

“Stop,” I murmured.

The shaking stopped.

And I thought I was the only one who had experiences like this.

I just read in a magazine about a woman’s repetitive intimate encounters with a male ghost. She felt the same way as I had: difficulty of breathing, the feeling that you were being touched.

Apparently, they have a term for that spirit. It is called Incubus.

After reading the article my thoughts began to swirl. What if I entertain the incubus for once? How would I feel? What would I feel?

I’ll tell you when that happens.



I am so glad that Marky Cielo of Mountain Province won the Sole Survivor title in the third season of StarStruck. The Ultimate Male Survivor had to battle with Ultimate Female Survivor Jackie Rice for that crown by answering one question from a representative of GMA Network.

“How will you prove your staying power as a celebrity after StarStruck?”

Marky simply said that he will remain true to himself and will continue to hone his acting and dancing crafts. Enough said for the crowd fave.

The Final Four looked so divine last Sunday, together with the Avengers (the eliminated candidates), as well as the candidates and winners from the search’s two previous seasons.

I am very confident that the third batch of StarStruck will have a beautiful showbiz career ahead of them, even the hard-headed Iwa Moto.

Watch Marky’s Finale perfomance. Definitely a must-see. Notice that he was dancing in the middle of the song without his left shoe. That’s a trademark of a professional performer.



1) I was contemplating of resigning from Kids’ TV because my meetings with the film company will always fall on a Saturday during my TV shoot. After talking to my boss, she allowed me not to attend during shoots as long as the scripts are prepared on time. On that note, there is a huge chance that I would catch my play’s only run this coming March 26. I’m planning to videotape it just in case.

2) I finally found a great host for maruja radio. Thanks Talamasca.

3) JUST ASKING: Do you think I need a new template? If so, would you make one (or recommend one) for me?



7 responses

15 03 2006

Hi your highness.

salamat po sa pag-bisita. i-korek ko lng po yung ni-comment nyo sa page ko, nag-kamali po yata kayo ng sulat,its billy gilman not billy graham hehe. ^^

pero true po, nag-duet sila ni charlotte church, dun sa song na Dream A Dream.

^^, i just hope that incubus won’t do no harm to you hehe. actually, d po kasi ako naniniwala sa mga ganun, as to my profession, medical personnels must insist ghosts do not exist, baka kasi pag naniwala kami sa ganyan, d na kami makapag-trabaho kasama ang mga patay at mga mamamatay pa lang. 😀

Sana po ay mapadalaw ulit kayo sa aking bahay.

15 03 2006

Regarding your question:

Your template looks great to me. The only problem I have is, when I visit you, it takes a couple of minutes to see your whole template. Meaning the loading time is so slow.

But that’s just me. I don’t know what others will say.

15 03 2006

bows to the empress\
Change a new template? well pwede.. but i dont know whenre or how to make one ask charles or tala.

StarStruck: yipee! thanks empress

Incubus: how u watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose, u might find it interesting. same thing happened to her.
If u allow it once? ummm Immaculate Conception? Di ata bagay.

16 03 2006

*bows as well*

Goodluck on your project! Nail nail nail!!!

Yikes! An incubus!? No way! I agree with Lance. As people of science, we don’t really believe in such entities and stuff that can’t be proven by repeated experiments. Oh well, to each his own.

StarStruck? I refuse to comment. Hehe.

And you’re welcome! Just remember to renew/re-upload the files every after 30 days or so. The server deletes the files beyond 30 days. But heck, the bandwidth is unlimited and free! 🙂

17 03 2006
Chas Ravndal

i believe about that empress why not try to have an intimacy with an incubus lol … or u you dont know it might be a succubus my dear

17 03 2006
empress maruja

MANDZ — Probably I would have to remove a lot of clutter, or I have to resort to a simpler template.

LANCE — Oo nga pala I fumbled on the name. Apologies.

YURI — Immaculate Conception? Hmmm…would that mean I would become the Virgin Mary of the New Millenium? hihi

TALAMASCA — I used to not believe in ghost, but what I had experience was really freaky.

CHAS — I doubt if it’s a succubus. I felt a hard pressure below my crotch one time as if it was a penis.

21 03 2006

I hope you nail it too!

That is scary about the ghost! (I am a believer) I have heard you can “protect” yourself by repeating ”Let the white light surround me”.

Great pictures – I wish you all the best in whatever you pursue!

I like this template just fine!

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