Beam Me Up, Buttercup!/ Hot Hot Reichen

24 01 2006

My blog was sent into space again, just in time for NASA’s exploration to Pluto. Hey, my blog might even beat the space craft and reach the farthest planet first.

I know, I know. This Blog In Space thing is all for fun. But who knows? I might get some fans from the Supreme Arzadaic Race.


Speaking of race, do you remember Reichen Lehmkuhl of Amazing Race 4? The one-half of the married gay couple?

Well, apparently, Reichen ventured into modelling and my e-mail got a backstage pass to view some of his pictures (special thanks to truebluegay yahoogroup).

Of course, I wouldn’t keep these for my own pleasure, would I?

Will somebody, anybody, give me a glass of water? I think I’m gonna faint.




2 responses

29 01 2006
Kiss My Mike

Reichen is rumored to be Clay Aiken’s lover! Can you believe that?

29 01 2006
empress maruja

most probably, but man, what could have possibly attracted reichen to clay? lait lait lait…

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