Zatunnah, Not Zathura

23 01 2006

Ask any gay Filipino comics fan of their favorite comic character and the name “ZsaZsa Zaturnnah” will surface a lot of times.

Who is ZsaZsa Zaturnnah, you ask?

“Ang Kagilagilalas Na Pakikipagsapalaran ni ZsaZsa Zaturnnah” (The Spectacular Adventures of ZsaZsa Zaturnnah) is a modern-day comic book about a gay beautician in the countryside who suddenly receives a giant stone from outer space. He swallows it and becomes a voluptuous female heroine out to defend the Earth against giant frogs, zombies, and amazon women from Planet X…x…x…

This comic book is actually significant to me. Two years ago, after I helped a friend in researching for plays our theather org could perform, we went to a local bookstore and she introduced me to a ZsaZsa Zaturnnah comicbook. Since private reading is allowed in the bookstore, I took the preview copy and read it.

Boy, it was a total laugh trip. I couldn’t help myself laughing so hard in the bookstore. I tried controlling my laughter but drops of saliva would came out. It was so embarrassing, surrounded by bookworms digesting their T.S. Elliots and Brontes, a lone gay was laughing his heart out over loads of punchlines riddled in the comics.

After finishing the whole comicbook, some of my friends suddenly appeared out of nowhere, birthday cakes in tow.

“Happy Birthday, Maruja!”

Who would have thought that I would celebrate my birthday in a bookstore? I was so glad for them.

They gave me a special gift, and guess what it was?

A copy of ZsaZsa Zaturnnah.



I and some gay orgmates of mine were walking near the university when we spotted a giant billboard of local heartthrob Dennis Trillo.

We all stared at his angelic face and sighed.

“Oh God! He just melted my heart,” I exclaimed.

“He’s so handsome,” a companion of ours agreed.

And you know when gays talk about guys, the main topic is…

“Is it true that he’s ‘small’?”

“Well, who cares if it’s small,” I said. “It would be a privelege for any gay to give him a head.”

Everybody agreed.

Sigh. Dennis…




10 responses

24 01 2006

Dennis Trillo is hot!!! And
Happy birthday!!!

24 01 2006
empress maruja

DEMENTIA — Yes, Dennis is hot. I’d give him a head if given the opportunity (like if he’s drunk, hehe). Thanks for the greeting, but my birthday’s eight months from now šŸ™‚

24 01 2006
Kiss My Mike

just let us know when you find out whether he’s small or not…

25 01 2006
Estupidormitorian Neil

Hehehe… very funny. lol.

26 01 2006

I love that book! ZsaZsa is a force to be reckoned with.

But the Dennis part made me go “Ick.”


26 01 2006
Chas Ravndal

ooohh dennis trillo!! he is cute!!

28 01 2006

hi! belated happy birthday! i definitely agree re: dennis trillo! your blog is a refreshing read! i really enjoyed it!
p.s. Zaturnnah forever!!!! hmmm…hope to see you at the muzical! šŸ™‚

28 01 2006
empress maruja

REIA — thanks for the kind words. i really appreciate it.

13 02 2006

I agree Dennis is soooo Hot.
He’s 5’8 tall. He’s not that small, it’s just that taller guys stand beside him on tv which makes him look small. Visit and for dennis trillo’s forum.
By the way, nice blog.

29 08 2006
dennis trillo

hi dennis pwede bwng malaman ang email adress mo

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