Blog Renter Of The Week: The Return Of Haunted House Dressing

16 01 2006

Please pay my returning blog renter a visit. Jeremy Shipp’s Haunted House Dressing is “a place where toasters run free and hippos climb trees.” His blog has a lot going on, webcomics, deviantart, novels, never a bore. Click the screenshot at the sidebar…now na! Thankies.




8 responses

11 01 2006

Kabayan kumusta? Don’t take it as a offense but, I don’t usually click renter on blog. And If I am going to rent sometime, I prefer a link instead of just introducing me. Maybe that’s why I’m not interesred at all.

However, Since it’s new year, I’m gonna suport you, I’m going to hit your renter after I post my comment.

Again, it’s only my opinion about “Rent My Blog” thing. Have a good day.

11 01 2006
empress maruja

hi mandz! well, i understand your opinion about the blog renter, however i think it is a good way of promoting your site. that’s just my opinion.

i hope you check out my previous entries, especially the ones with gray fonts. pretty long, but i think it would be worthwhile. thankies.

12 01 2006
Kiss My Mike

blog renter? never heard of that before, eh. it’s an interesting way to advertise blogs…

cool link!

12 01 2006

jeremy rented my space while back too. just wanted to let you know, my dear empress, that you just got tagged! bwahahahaha! 🙂

15 01 2006

Thanks for being such a great e-landlord. And thanks for the plug. It’s plugtastic. 🙂

15 01 2006

Great blog.

Here via Michele.

15 01 2006
Suburban Turmoil

Cool blog! I like it!

Michele sent me!

17 01 2006

hi again!!! just wanted to say thanks for coming over to my Blog! I see you got the virtual pet… cute… Blue Bacon… I played with him… made him squeal!!!

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