Larra’s Murder Update: What The Medium Found

3 11 2005

Our TV production manager informed me about the latest twist in my friend Larra’s murder.

Apparently, the other TV network he used to work with did a Halloween feature where they hired a “medium” to ask Larra about the circumstances of his murder. The medium did some rituals in Larra’s apartment, still unoccupied since it’s still a crime scene.

According to the medium, Larra was killed by an 18-year old drug addict whom he knew. My friend let the killer in and, upond realizing that he was about to get stabbed, tried to escape from the apartment but it was too late. Larra begged the killer to take everything from his room to spare his life, but the merciless drug addict didn’t listen. Larra was stabbed 11 times on the body, an act ot extreme hatred.

I forgot the name of that guy who the medium claimed killed Larra, but he has told me about the guy several times. Let’s call him “Charlie” in the meantime. Charlie met Larra through random text messaging. They had met several times, and had sometimes slept in Larra’s apartment. Charlie would call Larra “Beautiful” in his text messages.

Charlie was put into rehab by his elder sister, but months later he sent Larra a text message saying that he had escaped. I do not know anything about Charlie after that.

I have been praying to Saint Jude for the heartless killer of Larry A. Estandarte to be caught. With this strange twist of events, it seems my prayers are starting to work.

Sigh, if only Larra’s still alive, he would have been happy that his Filipina namesake won Miss International this year. We would have watched the UAAP Cheering Competition togetheron my birthday, although we belong to rival schools (Larra’s from University of the Philippines). I would have asked his opinion about the candidates of Elite Model Look Philippines. We would have been having foot spas and haircuts by now. We would have pigged out at a local pares restaurant. But it isn’t going to happen.

How I wish Larra’s life did not end this tragic. He was loved by so many people and touched so many hearts. He didn’t deserve to die like this. His killer is surely being bothered by his conscience, making him feel sorry for such selfish act. He should have taken everything from Larra’s dorm, his mobile phones, his purse, his television even. But taking the life of a nice person whom you have befriended is too much. Just too much.

I’m still grieving. I’m still praying.




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