Attack Of The Buried College Memories

3 11 2005

I have two posts for today. Hope you have the time to read both of them. 🙂


Two Saturdays ago, I was doing a TV shoot for Kids TV at a local mall to cover a Hallo-“tween” Costume Party hosted by W.I.T.C.H. Apparently, the people manning the event are the people whom I’m familiar with. They work for Saga Events, where Errol (my ex-boss) used to work.

While the event was setting up, I met “Wynn” after several years.


Meet Wynn. He was “Leo’s” close friend back in their high school, but their friendship began to fall out a bit when they entered college. Like me, Wynn’s a communications major, while Leo chose pre-law.

OK, you can breathe now.

When Wynn spotted me, he was a bit surprised.

“Maruja, what on earth are you doing here?”

“I’m doing a TV shoot!” I happily replied.

He then introduced me to an unamiliar colleague.

“This is Maruja. He’s like head over heels over my friend.”

I tried to shrug his comment off.

“Aw, come on. That was like a long time ago.”

But he didn’t stop.

“He actually planned on buying him a car.”

His female colleague was floored.

Really. She fell to the floor when she heard that.

“You really thought of giving him a car?” she asked.

“I didn’t really ‘plan’ of giving him a car.”

“But really, you planned on giving him a car, right?” Wynn egged on.

I took one deep breath, and…

“He asked for a Honda Civic.”

The girl fell to the floor. Again.

That part of my chapter with Leo was blur to me, I actually forgot all about it. Until Wynn reminded me.

I always hate that when it happens, when you suddenly get reminded of a past that you are supposed to have forgotten. Because bringing them back to memory does not yield good results, like renewed trauma, panic attacks, etc.

I think Leo had security problems then. Whenever he has a new friend, he would tend to give him/ her some “tests” to win his trust. In my case there were several. First he wanted me to dip the fishballs that we were eating in vinegar, a thing that I disgust. Second was when he made me carry his heavy bag while he went away from the campus hallway for a while. Third was when he asked me to give him a Honda Civic, aware of the fact that I liked him that time.

I know what you are thinking: gay benefactor. Gosh, I was too young to act like an old gay matron flashing lavish gifts to dashing young men. I’m not rich enough to pay for his studies, or pay for his sister’s hosptal bills, or other things gays would do for their man. That is not my style.

But if you ask me today on whether I would give Leo a car, maybe I would have second thoughts.




5 responses

30 06 2007

oh hayan na hunt ko na si wendy!

*leche, never in my life pa ako naghanap ng babae in any way!

30 06 2007

Number two! Drat, beaten by Aries by 15 minutes. :p

30 06 2007

Uggggggh!!!! nabeat ni aries.

1 07 2007

Xpecial mention ako ha!


3 07 2007
Special Hunt Winner « They Call Me Maruja: A Colorful Life at Random

[…] Aries the Warrior Princess for finding Wendy peeking out of a previous post entitled “Attack of the Buried College Memories,” a work/college-related […]

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