The Empress Is Penniless

1 11 2005


1) The Empress apologizes for the brief hiatus. I didn’t blog for about a week because of a load of work. Last Thursday was the culmination of the Elite Model Look Philippines 2005 and it was a success! Thank God for that. Congratulations to Kim.

Kim will represent the Philippines in the Elite Model Look International in Shanghai this November 11. We keep our fingers crossed and hope for a win (or at least a top 3 finish, aware of the fact that Asians don’t usually win in international modeling competitions). You can do it Kim!

2) I don’t think my 20 Things Challenge (the blog below this post) is a tad tough, but I’ll give out a teeny clue about spotting the wrongs among the facts. There are 5 false statements in the 20 listed, that means no.20 is automatically one of the answers. Try fishing out for the other four statements that are not true about me.

Now, back to regular blogging…


My brief away period carried a mouthful of random lives to blog. The Elite Finals/ Kids TV in Enchanted Kingdom was a tiresome and exciting time to live and cherish. But after all that hard work, I got the saddest news.

My payments are delayed.

Uh-oh. The Empress is penniless. I got my cheque from Kids TV but I couldn’t encash it until tomorrow, no thanks to this 5-day non-working Halloween/ All Saints Day/ Eid Al-Fitr holiday our president imposed. While Errol, my ex-boss who directed the Elite Finals, told me to get my remaining fee last Friday. Great, when I have a whole day devoted to do a segment shoot at Enchanted Kingdom where they treated children with cancer a day of unlimited rides. Bummer.

So I hope it would not be too demanding on my part if I ask a teeny tiny favor from you. Could you tell me an advise on how to earn money on the internet aside from putting advertisements? It would mean a lot for me and my wallet.

I’ll be posting the highlights of the past days in the coming posts, I’ll just let this post age a bit.


The Empress is grateful.

1) Thank you for those who browsed my blog last week. I hope I get to know you and, if you have a blog of your own, post a link to my site to increase traffic between us. So if your are browsing from Singapore; Japan; Saint Kitt and Nevis; Independence and Warrensburg, Missouri; Lisbon, Portugal; Jakarta, Indonesia; Elizabeth, New Jersey; Ruheim, Germany; Batavia, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; Delhi, India; Mountain View, California; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and in the locales of San Juan, Quezon City, and Taguig in Philippines, stand up, comment, and be recognized. I….loveyouall!

2) I received a message from C. Jordan of Oslo, Norway, saying that my site is hard to view on Firefox. Sorry to hear that sweetie, but I only got Internet Explorer in my home and I only base the template according to IE-compatibility. But I hope that little glitch won’t get in the way of good old blog reading.

This is Empress Maruja. Someday, I will rule this queendom.




4 responses

2 11 2005

Kahit matalo tayo, isa lang ang masasabi ko, magaganda pa rin ang mg pinay. Aside from your post today, u have a nice template. Maragal ko ng nakita ang blog mo ala lang time mag comment. Anyway, kahit ano post mo, lagi kitang binoboto, seriously!!!

3 11 2005
FuzzBuck Fuzz

yo emp., first, be careful about posting to request people click on your ads – google will take u off their service if they spot it.

Second, how do you like these?:

3 11 2005

our elit model looks hot! this has been a good year for international competitions. you never know… 😉

hehe. have you actually been paid by goo gle ad sense? fuzzbuck is right. don’t get caught asking for clicks. 🙂 they can read your content automatically. 🙂

3 11 2005
empress maruja

I just heeded your advise. Thanks. 🙂

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