I Got Tagged: 20 Things

21 10 2005

I’ve just been tagged by FuzzBuck Fuzz with a meme (I don’t know what it means, so don’t ask me for now, but it sounds exciting). I’m going to post 20 random things about me, some are true and some are not. Post a comment on what you think are false. Get all of them correctly and I’ll give you a body massage.

By Wednesday, October 26 (Philippine Calendar), I’ll post the correct answers and tag the next three bloggers on my list. Here goes:

1) I don’t take a bath at least once a week.
2) I used to be called “Maruja” when I was a kid.
3) I hate smokers.
4) I’ve kissed Mike back in college (check out my back articles for more info about him).
5) I’ve been in the USA.
6) I’ve written one-act plays.
7) One of which was performed on stage.
8) I dressed-up as a roasted pig once.
9) I waited for five hours for a guy to come, and he never came.
10) I like guys who are older than I am.
11) I collect autographs.
12) I’m STILL a virgin who pretends that I’m not.
13) I’ve been to Taiwan.
14) I’m afraid of cargo trucks.
15) I’ve participated in a rally that toppled a president.
16) My e-mail address is 8 years old.
17) I’ve never been to a gym.
18) I have three blogs.
19) I co-organized a gay pageant.
20) All the 19 other facts are not true.

I won’t tell how many are false. Can you tell? Send in your comments πŸ™‚




10 responses

27 10 2005
Chas Ravndal

empress, I can’t seem to view your blog properly on firefox… anyways, stay beautiful!!!mwuahhh

1 11 2005

Wishing everyone on my blogroll a boo-tiful day! LOL!

Happy Halloween!

3 11 2005
FuzzBuck Fuzz

1) T. You shower
2) T.
3) F. Hate is a very strong word. I’ll bet yoou’re quite tolerant of them really.
4) T.
5) T.
6) T.
7) T.
8) Refuse to answer this on the grounds that it might harm my fragile little mind. It’s also T.
9) See 8.
10) see 9.
11) F.
12) F.
13) T.
14) F
15) T.
16) T.
17) T.
18) F.
19) T.
20) F.

3 11 2005
FuzzBuck Fuzz

sorry i was very late in getting round to it, things took an unexpected turn. Better late than never, eh? Working on your button now. πŸ˜€

3 11 2005
empress maruja

fuzz, you got one out of four correctly. πŸ™‚ not bad

7 11 2005

hmm…let me think…

I would say that…

number 6,7,2,17 are false, the other are true of course except 20. πŸ™‚

7 11 2005
empress maruja

wow, you got two out of four correctly. getting there πŸ™‚

i’ll post the answers later, then i’ll tag three bloggers to continue the meme.

8 11 2005

does that include #20…

ahhh…i’m no good with logic. Either that or I’m just my mind is just lazy…


8 11 2005
empress maruja

i got my corrected. you actually got four out of five statements correctly, and that includes number 20. aw, that was so close.

8 11 2005
Chas Ravndal

Thanks I will also post this on my blog later .. Gotta finish my assignments first !!! Kisses to you mwuahhh!!!

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