A Model’s Slow Downfall

18 10 2005


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The bar tour of Elite Model Look Philippines 2005 wrapped up in an exclusive party at Embassy, the current toast of the Metro. All of the beautiful people filled the dancefloor in bodily gyrations commandeered by hypnotic trance tracks. Some of the model finalists arrived the bar at 3am to sell around tickets for the Finals Night. Most of the candidates were novice models and are beginning to realize the hardships and trials of a struggling model.

But it seems that the lessons hit some of the models right in the face.

Two finalists approached a lady sitting by herself at the corner of the dancefloor. They recognized her as one of the country’s top models and TV host (as much as I would like to say her name for the sake of controversy, I can’t tell who she is). When they offered the top model some tickets, the novice could not help but bewilder at her blank stare.

“Elite?…Oh yeah…I’ve heard of that,” she mumbled, her eyes half-asleep.

The finalists could not tell whether she was E-ed or Coked, or just plain drowsy. But when the strobe lights began hitting the top model’s face, they could see tons of blemishes on her once smooth skin, from pimples to borroughs.

This woman’s downfall is being unfolded to the eyes of these starting models. They could not even reply to their idol, who have appeared on numerous TV commercials, fashion magazine, and is now co-hosting an entertainment show. They simply walked away.

And told other people about it, including the writer, me.




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