Help, Anyone?

8 10 2005

I am in the course of navigating the gates and tunnels of BlogExplosion. It’s part of my campaign to promote this blog to as many readers as it could. I don’t dream of a thousand readers and become a blogging celebrity (although that would be cool), but having people read your stories and appreciate it through comments, it feels gratifying.

I’ve just learned that my site was reviewed twice by two members and I was quite saddened by one of the reviews. No, not because it was harsh. Just read on:

Summary: A beautiful personal diary, but poorly presented: design needs an overhaul for the content to be discovered by readers (which it will, if the look is right and the pages and archives are easy to navigate). A pearl in a paperbag.

Isn’t that review make you feel sad?

Redesigning my blog has been an option weighing in my head, but being an html-dumdum like yours truly, I always ditch the thought. But I am wondering if there are anyone willing to help in the design. Help, anyone? I can give you free BJs. Buko (coconut) Juice.

But nevertheless, I will continue to post here even without a blog make-over. I mean, it’s like saying to the world, “This is me…deal with it.”

Though seriously, I can give you a good BJ, a thirst-quenching glass of it.




4 responses

10 10 2005

hi there.. 😀

Saw your blog from the BE forum. Hehe.. I’m not saying that I’m great in html ek-ek. Pero kung gusto mo, pwd aqng mag-suggest.

Naghahanap ka ng bagong template? Why not try
They have really cool templates to choose from.

I also noticed na hindi ka mahilig sa pictures. Sometimes kasi ang dinadayo ng mga tao ay ung mga pics. (hehe.. asar nga eh! hindi ako magaling magpost ng pics. mnsan msyadong magulong tingnan.. hehe)

Ayun.. Try na lang. Anyway, aun. Good luck sau.

Just contact me sa yahoo account ko..

Or if you want, you could visit my blog & leave a message. Hehe..

Oh. before i forgot, commenting on other people’s blog could make a difference. It could increase the traffic on your blog. Try mong mag-comment regularly sa ibang blogs.

😉 Lots of hugs & kisses,

10 10 2005

Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll. I’ll add you back and hopefully that will increase traffic to your blog. Hosting a blog in blogspot leaves much to be desired when it comes to design. I heard is more promising but I haven’t tried their services since I have my own domain. Good luck with your make-over.

12 10 2005

Hey empress, the way i see it, the whole blogging thing takes time. Blog Explosion puts unnecessary pressure on bloggers. work at your own pace, keep focused on why (personally) you want a blog, and shine.


12 10 2005

airah is right, blogskins is the bomb for dumdumbs like us.

They have a lot of templates to choose from.

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