An Offer I Can’t Refuse?

29 09 2005

My TV boss is studying the feasibility of co-producing another children’s show, which will be hosted by the country’s first…nah, it’s still in the works. Can’t tell you the concept yet.

But she has already offered me the possibility of a head writer position for the show. I asked if when is the planned pilot. She said it will be on October 7.

Oh no, October 7. That means I will be having 3 different writing works for the whole month of October. Aside from my first TV show, I’m also writing, and production-assisting, for the Elite Model Look Philippines competition’s series of pre-final events.

Although having a second TV show sounds like a cool idea, I have a weird feeling that I might not make it.

What do you think?

Show your love. Leave a comment. Much Appreciated.

P.S. I have posted some photos on my Bashing Birthday blogs about the Cheering Competition God had given me for my birthday. You’ll surely love them.




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