I’m Not Katrina-Insensitive

7 09 2005

Don’t tell me I’m being insensitive about the victims of hurricane Katrina. I cried when I saw an ABC coverage when a female reporter asks a seemingly-lost African-American man as he seeks for his missing wife. The reporter asked the man for his wife’s name, trying her best to be composed despite her cracking voice. Hearing her empathy, a tear slowly rolled from my left eye.

Staring at the photos of the helpless victims made me breathe deeply, trying my best not to shed a tear amidst a crowded internet cafe.

But you see, we Filipinos have a problem of our own, and it’s happening right at this moment.

Another People Power to oust an unimpeached president. Oh no…not again. Not another worldwide humiliation.

I’ve been in one, and I regretted it. Should have let Erap, a former actor and drunkard extraordinaire, reigned until 2004. With People Power 2, we have openned a Pandora’s Box of widely-televised street rallies at every whim of the ugly politicians.

People are tired of rallies. We as a country could not move forward towards progress if we imitated out Latin American brethren and change presidents every two weeks. Thailand has overtaken us, and so will Vietnam. And if all Chinese would learn how to speak English, we Filipinos are done for. Why, with all that cheap labor, what country would accept our skilled workers?

A sad, sad ending for a country that used to be second to Japan.




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